"5-Star Platinum list"
-Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine
Named “One of the hottest Wedding DJ’s in the US”
-Modern Bride Magazine
Voted “Best of the Knot”
"District Favorite"
-District Weddings Blog
Voted "Washington's Top Rated Wedding DJ"
-Washingtonian Magazine
Received "Bride's Choice Award"
Listed "Among Virginia's very best Wedding DJ's"
-Northern Virginia Magazine
Listed “Platinum Supplier”
-BIZBASH Magazine

“Dear Chris,Thank you so much for making our special day so amazing! Music is such an important aspect of our lives, and you complimented us perfectly with your song choices. You did such a great job of feeling the crowd, the mood, and each moment which resulted in an event where our guests had the time of their lives and we had a night that we will never forget. I don’t think we have ever danced so much in our whole life, we never left the dance floor! I even had to pull my new husband up from eating to dance to one of my favorite songs! From start to finish, the music was perfectly set for each of the separate events, from the walk down the aisle, to the cocktail hour, then the dinner and finally the dancing. Thank you for also helping to take away so many of the worries that come with making sure everything is going to go right. We had so much confidence in your ability that we spent all of our precious time simply having fun, and taking in each moment.

Thank you again and have a great time making others as happy as you made us!”

Jennifer and Andrew

“Thank you so much for working at our wedding. I wanted to thank you for being such the professional that you are, and dealing with two frazzled and often unfocused people You were so easy going, flexible, and gave us the best advice of all our vendors. You were completely awesome (as promised) and you MADE the party. My friends keep telling me that I had the best wedding they had ever been to. I owe that to you!’

Moira and John

‘…We allowed Chris to select the vast majority of individual songs, which he did wonderful job and kept our guests on the dance floor. We have had nothing but great feedback from our guests and are still getting positive comments – it has been two months since our wedding. Regarding cost, pardon the cliché, “you get what you pay for.” The DJ is not for you but for your guests. Most of your guests will not remember what they ate at your wedding two months after the event, but they will recall if they had a great time and that is where your DJ is important. This is where Chris comes in and we think he is worth double what we paid…”

Jeffrey and Patti

‘We absolutely loved having you as our DJ! I felt the night had just the right energy that we’d hoped for…and was so happy that everyone danced the night away.

Thank you so much for everyone! ‘

Heather and Robert

“I am happy to take the time to talk about Chris – but the short of it is…he is classy, elegant, fun, & most importantly…worth it! First of all, I thought that his rate was high until I did a little more research in the matter. I interviewed over 20 DJs in the Greater Washington area and Chris was without a doubt the best, but actually not the most expensive. His uniqueness, passion, and talent set him above all others very quickly. One of the many things made Chris stand out was the fact that he truly embodied that “elegant’ atmosphere we were looking for. We met others who had nice web-sites, but we could tell quickly that they were truly not the ‘sophisticated’ style we were looking for.

In terms of professional, my mother in-law made a big deal about appearance and she was extremely impressed with Chris’ devotion to Elegance.

Chris is the nicest, most flexible vendor you will hire and just a sheer pleasure to work with. I like to think that we hired the best in the area because we had a wedding of 540 people so everything had to go smoothly and things had to be great and they were thanks to our vendors….”

Brent and Michelle

“…I think I spent the entire night on the dance floor!!! I actually felt bad that I didn’t spend time with some of our guests because I couldn’t tear myself away, it was so fun. Jon actually said the dancing was his favorite part of the wedding, this coming from a guy who I normally have to BEG to dance with me! We were more than pleased with your services at our wedding, and in fact, as you predicted, guests are still talking about how great the music was. Many people have actually told me it was the best wedding they have ever been to. I really appreciate all your efforts in helping us put together the “perfect” event. I love that everyone seems to use that word to describe my special day. Our pictures are a great depiction of your handiwork…..”

Lindsey and John

“…Lisa, David, Steve, and I want to thank you so much for your efforts at our daughter’s wedding last night. You delivered exactly what you promised! So many people came up to tell us that it was a great wedding and that they were having a wonderful time, and we all think that your music and pacing was mostly responsible for that. Your dinnertime playlist couldn’t have been more appropriate and enjoyable had we picked each song ourselves. The dance music got everyone out there for the duration.

I especially want to recognize the extra effort you made down to the wire to get the cake-cutting song in a format that would work. You were organized and perfect on the intros and other events. And many thanks for all the general information and recommendations you offered all along the way! With sincere appreciation… “

Jill and Steve

“Hey Chris,

We were way more than happy with your services, you were awesome! Everyone was dancing and having a great time, and that is exactly what we wanted… thank you soooooo much! You did a great job with the ceremony music, keeping us on schedule : ) and playing perfect music at the best volume. We were both extremely pleased with how everything turned out!…”

Yvette and Daniel

“Hi Chris,

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did at our wedding on Saturday night at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. I was a little worried about the ceremony music since we did not pick traditional wedding music. But as you promised, everything was flawless. We received many compliments on the elegant entertainment provided by your company. From the ceremony, to the cocktail and dinner reception and dancing, you played a perfect assortment of music for my crowd. We loved you and would hire you again in a minute.

Congratulations to you on an awesome job and thank you again for making it so easy on me! I have recently gone to other weddings and it just confirms to me each time that picking you was exactly the right decision!”

Kristina and Tony

“Chris is so GREAT!!! A few of our guests told us – “Not only was this the best wedding that I’ve been to, it was the best party I’ve ever been to”. With the over 200 guests we had at The Willard; I’m so glad we went with Chris instead of some of the others we met that ‘claimed’ to do what Chris does. He had music for everyone and didn’t play the cheesy dance songs you hear at most weddings. The set up and sound were pristine, he started dance time with music for the older guests; but to close the dance floor out, it was our younger friends and us. This is exactly how we wanted it! He is very professional and his knowledge of knowing what to play and more importantly when to play it was very impressive. It was with out a doubt the best day of our lives and having Chris there (thus not having to worry about a single thing) was worth twice as much as we paid him. You WILL NOT find a more sophisticated and talented Wedding DJ in this area (trust me, I met all that claimed to be!!) and I highly recommend using him. You will not be disappointed!…. “

Shaun & Tara

Hi Chris,

Since we returned from the honeymoon I’ve been dying to drop you a note of thanks!

Anyways, what I would say in my card is that we were more than happy with your services!! Everything was really perfect! Like you promised when we booked you, the response I continue to get from our friends and family was how great the music was and how much fun they had dancing to the great mixes. We are still hearing from our guests what a great dance party it was! I knew that I didn’t have to be so picky and just let you do your thing. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I thought the atmosphere was great! “

Laura and Brad

…We had an absolute blast at our wedding. Everyone has been complimenting your DJ skills – including my Dad, who is a music freak and a very stiff critic. He loved your tunes. We really appreciated you coming to chat with us after my nephew started crying because you told him you didn’t have the Chicken Dance. I am sorry we ask you to play that song, but I appreciate you asking us first! We really loved having you as a DJ, you made us feel like I hired my best friend!’

Elizabeth and Ben

“Chris was an excellent DJ. He is very professional and doesn’t talk unless he is making an announcement you request. We didn’t pick any type of music for the reception, other than first dances, etc…. and countless guests commented on how perfect the music was – which was all of Chris’ doing. We literally danced all night and he seemed to know exactly what the crowd wanted next, and appeased it. It is quite amazing actually. He prides himself on his professionalism and he should as he delivered everything he promised. He worked in perfect harmony with my wedding coordinator to ensure the evening went smooth and well. And without being obvious about it, he kept things to a schedule as I requested so that everything could happen as it should in the time reserved for the party. In the days leading up to the wedding Chris was GREAT. He answered every call or returned the call immediately, he gave ideas if asked, and he actually had better advice than our coordinator! I literally felt that I had nothing to worry about on my wedding day. I can honestly give Chris my highest recommendation and have been in or at about 10 Weddings this year!…”

Rene and Ian

“Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for all the hard work you did for our wedding with relocating equipment, putting up with everything, and offering so much helpful input. The music was just incredible. The most memorable moment for us was when we came back from pictures and seeing the WHOLE DANCE FLOOR PACKED! There were literally only like 10 people actually still sitting!!! Needless to say you really got everyone out there dancing, EVEN Lauren’s mother (and she NEVER dances)!!”

Lauren and Roger

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