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Bridal Attire Fashion and Advice from DC Area Experts – Part 3 with Ellie’s Bridal Boutique

Mar 28 2013
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This week, we have shared Bridal Attire Fashion and Advice from Washington, DC area experts.  Previous posts included interviews from Hitched Bridal Couture and Carine’s Bridal Atelier.  Today we will go in depth on tends for 2013 with Ellie’s Bridal Boutique.

Read our mini-interview below with Ellie’s Bridal.  Follow Ellie’s on Pinterest for Wedding Attire ideas and inspiration.

 Q: How will floral and fashion trends for 2013 translate to bridal attire? A: We often find that fashion follows fashion, and that includes everything from Hollywood red carpet to ready-to-wear to bridal attire. We found some of the top trends for 2013 to show you how your favorite runway looks will translate to the pages of your favorite wedding magazine.

Florals, Pleated Waist, Bold Ruffles, Metallics, Peekaboo and Lace are the main trends this year.


Without a doubt, floral prints were one of the top trends seen at New York’s Fashion Week earlier this year. This trend is fun and feminine in any fashion setting so it’s not a surprise to see florals emerging in everything bridal, giving a romantic, fairy-tale spin to a look that is still light enough for any spring garden. For bridal gowns, bold floral patterns add an artful flare when used in place of traditional lace.


Far left: Elle Magazine features floral runway designs from New York’s Fashion Week
Center left: Zara’s newest collection features a casual Piqué Floral Blazer
Center right: After Six bridesmaid style 6600
Far right: Dessy Collection bridesmaid style 2833


Blue by Enzoani’s DILLON gown uses florals
as an alternatice to traditional lace.

Pleated Waist

Who ever guessed that pleats would find its way back into our hearts? But one click onto Forever 21’s “New Arrivals” page shows us options to make pleated shirts and skirts cute and wearable again. Below we illustrate how this return styles easily translates into classic bridesmaid and bridal styles. Despite popular belief, these styles are incredibly flattering for most figure types.


Left: Forever 21 Sheer Pleated Waist Top
Center: Alfred Sung bridesmaid style D524
Right: Justin Alexander Signature style 9688

Bold Ruffles

We’ve seen ruffles before, but as Instyle notes, “these stiff, austere waves are more modern than the floppier furls of past seasons.” Ruffles of past seasons were soft and flowy, moving with every step and swing. The larger, bolder ruffles of 2013 are more carefully constructed and placed with the greatest attention. Gowns with this design in mind are intentionally chic and in vogue, perfect for the fashion-forward bride.


Top: InStyle’s ruffles trend overview
Bottom left: Alfred Sung bridesmaid style D544
Bottom center: Dessy Collection bridesmaid style 2867
Bottom right: Allure Romance style 2605


Metallics are in for Spring 2013. Shiny textures & iridescent fabrics were seen all over Fashion Week’s runways earlier this year. To keep the elegance of bridal wear alive, the metallics of bridesmaids dresses are typically more subtle than on most runways. Iridescent and luminescent chiffons offer a soft metallic sparkle that radiates the most romantic aura and should be admired up close.  The magical look and feel of these fabrics will be most appreciated as your bridal party graces down the aisle past the gazing eyes of your guests. Certain colors offered in Dupioni, Peau de soie, and Silky taffeta fabrics offer a more vibrant metallic shine that is more eye-catching and modern for bolder bridal parties.

Knowing that today’s brides are looking to strike that perfect balance between modern trends, individuality, and timeless style, top bridal designers knew that incorporating the metallic trend into wedding gowns would be a bit more challenging. Stylish brides will love the use of neutral, non-traditional colors and both textured and crystal beaded embroidery used to achieve a glamorous bridal look that gives it a nod to modern runway fashion.

Brides may also choose to use shiny shoes and accessories to complement a more traditional bridal gown and keep up with the metallic trend.


Top left: Fashion Magazine features Metallics on 2013 runways
Far right: Jim Hjelm Occasions bridemaids style 5151 in Dupioni
Bottom row: Justin Alexander Spring 2013 Signature Collection, styles 8642 (left) & 9701 (right)


InStyle loves how adventurous the Peekaboo look is. The most daring of brides may want to stun their crowd with this provocative style, though most brides prefer to adhere to more understated appearances for their Big Day. Typically in bridal, you will find the peekaboo in a much more refined way that still shows off the thinly veiled “reveal-and-conceal” dramatic look the style was intended for. Keyhole and illusion detailing across the back is the most popular way this fashion trend finds its way into the elegant tastes of wedding attire.


Left: Left: InStyle’s peekaboo overview
Right: Fada from Blue by Enzoani’s Fada


It’s all about lace! While never out of fashion, we have seen a sharp and steady increase in the popularity of lace since the timelessness and grace of Kate Middleton awed the world on her wedding day just two years ago. Lace gowns are being paired with nearly every other fashion trend out there. With more lace options than ever, lace-loving brides every silhouette and neckline imaginable. Lace-loving brides, this is the ideal time to find your gown. We are also seeing lace displayed on a growing number of bridesmaid designs.

Far left: Taylor Swift at CMT’s Artist of the Year awards
Center left: Allure Romance style 2604
Center right: Stacy Keibler at Screen Actors Guild Awards
Far right: Allure Romance 2610

About Ellie’s: Whether you want your look to be vintage, modern, simple or glamorous, Ellie’s Bridal Boutique is bound to have something that suits your taste. We specialize in wide selections of social occasion gowns, prom, and bridal attire, as well as tuxedo rental and all wedding accessories. Custom alteration and gown cleaning and preservation services are also offered at a professional level.

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Bridal Attire Fashion and Advice from DC Area Experts – Part 2 with Carine’s Bridal Atelier

Mar 26 2013
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This week, we are sharing Bridal Attire Fashion and Advice from Washington, DC area experts.  Yesterday’s post was with Hitched Bridal Couture, and we will share our third post later in the week with Ellie’s Bridal Boutique.  Today Carine’s Bridal Atelier shares what brides should consider as they start to look for a dress, as well as bridal and bridesmaid trends for 2013.

Read our mini-interview below with Carine, and be sure to connect with Carine’s Bridal Atelier’s facebook and twitter accounts for daily inspiration on all things fashion and wedding related.

Q: What do you suggest to brides who are just starting to look for their wedding dress?  A: First thing I always suggest to brides that they make sure to have their wedding date and venue set.  Both are very important because they set the stage for everything else. Second, is for brides to have an idea of what style gown they are looking for, before they come into the store. For example are they looking for a classic, glamorous  or high fashion wedding gown? But we also encourage brides to be open to trying other styles of gowns they did not think they would like.

Q: What is on trend for wedding dresses this year? A: We are seeing a lot of gorgeous gowns made with Chantilly lace and high necklines….think Grace Kelly! We are also seeing beading becoming more popular, not heavy beading, but soft, intricate beading. It is very elegant. I’d also say that ball gowns are making a comeback this season too, but these are softer gowns. For example, Darling by Monique Lhuillier is a perfect example of a soft ball gown.

Monique Lhuillier – Darling


Q: What is on trend for bridesmaids this year? A:  There are a lot more brides wanting their bridesmaids to wear a mix of styles and colors. Picture bridesmaids all in different blush tones and styles of gowns….lovely!

Bridesmaids Etiquette from Martha Stewart Weddings! via Carine’s Bridal Facebook Page

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses via Carine’s Bridal Facebook Page

 Q: How will floral and fashion trends for 2013 translate to bridal attire? A: Floral and fashion trends are coming together through lace. The look of flowers is being emphasized through the lace and re-embroidered lace.

Liancarlo 5802 from Carine’s Bridal, photo of Real Wedding by Abby Jiu Photography!

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.48.45 AM

Marchesa – Violet


About Carine’s:  Carine’s Bridal Atelier highlights the artistry of design in bridal fashion, and showcases the personality of individual designers as it comes out in their gowns. Carine’s offers an unparalleled wedding gown expertise and tailors bridal fashion to a body type, personality and destination.

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Bridal Attire Fashion and Advice from DC Area Experts – Part 1 with Hitched Bridal Couture

Mar 25 2013
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This week, we will be sharing Bridal Attire Fashion and Advice from Washington, DC area experts.  We recently had a chance to connect with three of our favorite bridal stores in the area: Hitched Bridal Couture, Carine’s Bridal Atelier, and Ellie’s Bridal Boutique.  We asked each shop a range of questions; from what should brides consider on their first visit to trends for 2013.

Read our mini-interview below with Julia and Carin of Hitched!  And stay tuned to see Hitched on an upcoming episode of TLC’s Randy to the Rescue.  If you are near a TV today, the ladies are on WJLA’s “Let’s Talk Live! at 11am.

Q: What do you suggest to brides who are just starting to look for their wedding dress?  A: The most important thing to do is keep an open mind! Go into your first appointment with a clear vision of things you love and don’t love, but be open to trying new things as well. Wedding gowns look so different on our bodies than every-day clothes; just because you wear V-necks each and every day doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll love yourself in a V-neck gown. So experiment! Keeping an open mind also means not being scared by something that surprises you. Your perfect gown is the one that makes you feel like the most fabulous version of yourself and that you can visualize in the context of your big day- it’s okay if that doesn’t match the vision you’ve had since you were ten years old!

Another tip is to think carefully about the people you bring with you to your first appointment. It’s often helpful to keep this group small while you’re shopping around and establishing your ‘style base-line’. Once you have a good list of favorites, then it’s time to roll in the entourage and get their opinions. (This will help prevent a lot of suggestions that don’t necessarily jive with your style).

Q: If you could pick a wedding dress for any celebrity, who would it be? What style would you choose? A: If we could choose anyone to dress for their wedding, it would be Emma Stone (so I guess she needs to hurry up and get engaged!). She’s such a funny personality and is also very brave when it comes to her fashion choices. We imagine her bridal look would be something that combines a classic line with a risky twist, like when she wore the Giambattista Valli tie-neck gown to the Oscars a few years back. Women who take fashion risks make adventurous brides!
84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Amsale – Hudson

Amsale - Hudson

Anna Maier – Felicite


Q: What is on trend for Wedding dresses this year? A: The slimmer silhouette with embroidered detailing; a very 1930’s, art deco look. We’re seeing people who aren’t afraid of a little beading, because ‘beading’ no longer means big, chunky crystals on a huge ballgown. It means delicate metallic embroidery and appliques on a sophisticated and glam sheath.

Lela Rose – Central Park


About Hitched: We offer an exquisite selection of couture bridal gowns from the finest designers. We handpick our collection from thousands of gowns to provide you a variety of options and the ability to choose “who you want to be” on your wedding day. Whether you want to be classic, elegant, sophisticated or romantic ~ we know you will find it at Hitched.



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