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May 18 2011
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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When it comes to historic wedding venues in DC, you can’t get much closer to the White House than Decatur House!

Sitting right on a corner of Lafayette Square, this 1818 building was the first private residence built in the neighborhood and is now a museum, educational, research and event site.

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Decatur House hosts weddings using a combination of its handsome parlors, elegant courtyard and modern Carriage House. With so many variables in terms of size and acoustics, when deejaying weddings at Decatur, it’s best to come prepared for anything.

As always, maintaining a venue’s charm while still delivering the highest quality of sound is our priority. That’s where our wireless Bose speakers combined with our experience at Decatur come in handy!

To see a recent equipment set-up for a Decatur House wedding, have a look at the images below.

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Wedding at Decatur House, Washington DC, DJ – Chris Laich Music Services

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Wedding at Decatur House, Washington DC, DJ – Chris Laich Music Services

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