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History of the Wedding Reception

Sep 30 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Chari Vari

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At Chris Laich Music Services, one of the things we’re known for is deejaying wedding receptions with a great mix of music tailored to each bride and groom. As we keep the dance floor moving, we’ve often wondered…where did the tradition of a wedding reception come from, anyway?

We did a little research, and you’ll never guess the answer!

Apparently, the wedding reception has its roots in a funny old Middle Ages custom called Charivari. To celebrate a couple’s wedding, friends and family would mock serenade a couple outside their bedroom window with pots, pans, and rowdy folk music, the idea being that this would keep the new couple awake (it was also often used to show disfavor to the couple).

By the time this custom made it to the US, it became geared toward making a racket until the couple invited the noisemakers in for some food and drink. Called Shivaree in the US, if the couple did not let the merrymakers in, sometimes the groom would be “kidnapped” and left naked outside to find his own way home!

This kooky combination of pranks and partying is said to be one of the precursors to today’s wedding reception!

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Wedding Stationery…ByHand

Sep 28 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Until I met Steve Bottorff of ByHand Invitations, our knowledge of wedding stationery was limited to what we got in the mail and learned through osmosis from wedding planners and our clients.

I knew choosing wedding stationery could be daunting and sometimes frustrating, especially when faced with binders full of pre-made invitations that look nothing like the gorgeous images torn out of Martha and Washingtonian Bride and Groom!

Imagine how amazing it would be to toss the binders and have a wedding stationery suite custom-designed by your own creative team with your unique wedding and interests in mind? Think that kind of bespoke stationery is only a dream? Think again!

Custom Invitation created by: By Hand Invitations

custom wedding invitation by By Hand Invitations

Washington, DC’s own ByHand Invitations is a boutique wedding stationery design firm that specializes in creating one of a kind wedding invitations for each one of a kind couple they work with.

Owner Steve Bottorff’s experience in graphic design and the fortuitous request by a friend for Bat Mitzvah invitations led to the beginning of something wonderful. Before long, Steve was creating stationery for all kinds of special events, including weddings!

Inspired, Steve opened ByHand Invitations, a nod to when everything – notes, invitations, letters – was made and delivered by hand, as well as to the fact that every piece of stationery is crafted by hand and with love.

For about the price of a high-end invitation selected from a binder, Steve and his creative team will get to know you and how your envision your wedding stationery looking. Drawing inspiration from what they learn, they spend hours researching and developing just the right combination of elements for your custom wedding invitations.

Everything from typography, printing process, and design is considered. Letterpress, thermographic printing, debossing, engraving…no matter what a couple may dream up, Steve and his team at ByHand can make it happen! You’ll quickly discover that Steve and his team at By Hand Invitations not only have the talent and knowledge to devise the perfect stationery solution for every bride but also that customer services puts them at the next level.

Custom Invitation created by: By Hand Invitations

custom wedding invitation by By Hand Invitations

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History of Here Comes the Bride and the Wedding March

Sep 23 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Victorian Wedding

Victorian Bride and Groom

Have you ever sat waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle, ears straining for the first bars of “Here Comes the Bride” or the “Wedding March,” and wondered how long the tradition of playing these songs has been around?

“Here Comes The Bride,” or its official name, the “Bridal Chorus,” is part of an 1850 opera called Lohengrin written by Richard Wagner. The irony is that in the opera, the “Bridal Chorus” is sung as the bride and groom enter the bridal chamber and the wedding party prepares them for their first night together. Not to mention the whole story of two star-crossed lovers ends in tragedy rather than in a happily ever after.

Usually, the “Bridal Chorus” is played without singing at modern weddings, but you can see the original lyrics and learn more about some of the controversy surrounding it here.

The “Wedding March,” composed by Felix Mendelssohn, was created in 1842 to accompany Shakespeare’s famous A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Mendelssohn’s wedding march was first played in a wedding in 1847, but it was Victoria, the Princess Royal and Queen Victoria’s daughter, who made it the song to play during a wedding ceremony by having it accompany her own wedding in 1858.

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