August 2010

Carnegie Institute for Science Set Up

Aug 31 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Carnegie Institution for ScienceLiving in Washington, DC, you can’t help but get the sense that it has a hand in so much that goes on in the world. This becomes even clearer to me when Chris Laich Music Services provides sound and music at event spaces like the Carnegie Institution for Science.



Dedicated to scientific discovery, Mr. Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Institution for Science in 1902. Housed in one of those beautiful, neoclassical buildings that you pass by and wonder what might go on inside, it was a pleasure to provide music for an event there recently!

Carnegie Institution for Science

The Carnegie Institution for Science is a gorgeous space for a special event, with high ceilings and lots of gleaming marble. Setting up, we had to pay even closer attention than usual to the acoustics while also keeping our equipment from affecting the appearance of the event and the guests’ experience. I snapped a few images of the Carnegie Institution’s Rotunda set up for the event, along with our set up. See if you can spot our speakers!

Carnegie Institution for Science set up

Carnegie Institution for Science set up

Carnegie Insitution for Science set up

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Dumbarton House Set Up

Aug 26 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Perched at the top of Georgetown, Dumbarton House has stood in Washington since 1799, when its construction began. It has housed Joseph Nourse, the first Register of the US Treasury, and hosted Dolly Madison as she fled the White House in 1814.

Dumbarton House

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Its history and beauty make it a truly special museum and an exceptional venue for a wedding. The Belle Vue Room, where special events are held at Dumbarton House, is as elegant and gracious as the rest of the home, and opens to a lovely courtyard. There are also gardens and terraces perfect for cocktails and ceremonies.

With both outdoors and indoors being utilized for a wedding in a historic home, we have to be on our toes with our equipment set up! Our wireless Bose speakers become almost invisible, providing unparalleled sound quality as well as coverage both in the gardens and in the Belle Vue Room guests can comfortably hear every word during your vows and feel the music drawing them to the dance floor!

dumbarton 4

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{Real Wedding} Christine & Jason at the Fairmont

Aug 24 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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image by Elaine Studley

This past weekend, Chris Laich Music Services was at the Fairmont Hotel for Christine and Jason’s wedding.

They had a blast!


image by Elaine Studley

After the dinner concluded, we opened with the Tarantella, a traditional Italian folk dance and one of the bride and groom’s requests. With a big Italian contingent at the wedding, the floor filled up faster than we’ve ever seen with people ready to celebrate. Once they got there, they had so much fun they didn’t stop dancing until the end of the night!


image by Elaine Studley


image by Elaine Studley


image by Elaine Studley

One of my closest friends in the industry, Bob Mikolitch here at the Fairmont, did a fantastic job on the event as always. The service was absolutely top-notch and food was scrumptious! Janet Flowers created the gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets. WOW! It was such a great wedding with such a fun crowd. Elaine Studley covered the picture duties and the shots are breathtaking!

I grabbed a few quick pics to show our Bose wireless speakers set up for the ceremony and reception. This is a site where the DJ HAS to have additional speakers. 2 speakers cranked up is NOT a viable solution in the Colonnade room at the Fairmont.

fairmont 16


fairmont 13

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