April 2010

Musically Gifted

Apr 29 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Your groom has agreed to wear a suit or a tux, get his hair cut, and be at his best on your wedding day.  All the groomsmen, in fact, are cleaned, pressed, and polished.   To thank him for all that work, you want to give him something that fits his personality and which he can wear at the altar.

If he’s a musician or just really loves music, your fiance will appreciate cool cufflinks like these.

I’m sure you already guessed the second set with turntables are our favorite…maybe we’ll start wearing them to events!

cufflinks by dabbledesign

by Dabbledesign

cufflinks by Bellamodatist

by Bellamodaartist


cufflinks by tactiledesign

by Tactiledesign

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Music Fan

Apr 27 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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You are planning summer nuptials, a wedding in hot climes, or maybe you simply are worried about your guests being overcome with emotion and in need of cooling down.  Both you and your fiancée love music, so much that you still collect vinyl and revere cover art.

There are tons of damaged album covers out there, all waiting to be used! A clever etsy seller, RadicalRecykes, has come up with paddle fans made of old school, up-cycled album covers! Your guests can keep cool and be cool using them during your sunny outdoor ceremony, and you are helping the environment by keeping unwanted album covers out of a landfill.

Music Fan Album Covers via Radical Recykes

images via RadicalRecykes

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