February 2010

Meet Photographer Rodney Bailey

Feb 24 2010
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Rodney Bailey’s  professionalism and skill  have made him one of Washington DC’s (and beyond) most sought after photographers.  It is a pleasure to have the chance to chat with him and learn more about his business.

Rodney Bailey

CL: What led you into wedding photography?

RB: An interest at the age of 12 when I purchased my first camera, which led to taking photos of everything.

CL: What is something unexpected you have learned (or learned about yourself) from owning your business?

RB: That it is a challenge to run a business that you don’t love. That’s why I am so fortunate to have a love and a passion for the artistic side of photography, and also for the business side.

CL:  So true.  Share with us one technique you use to relax (or relax your clients) during a wedding?

RB: It’s simple: stay relaxed yourself and that will help the client relax.

CL:  Very sound advice for any one in the industry! What do you wish you could shout from the rooftops about your business?

RB: No rooftops! Just a whisper in all of the clients’ ears looking for a true photojournalist…”you have found one”

CL: What is the most unusual request you have ever had?

RB: A circus wedding! The couple got married under a big-top circus tent with regular audience members. It was in the middle of a circus that they had their ceremony. And the elephants lived happily ever after.

CL:  Wow! Sounds totally unique, fun, and challenging. So glad the elephants had a fairytale ending! What is your favorite first dance song?

RB: It changes so often but I think it’s best when it reflects the clients’ tastes and it works for them.

CL: What is your favorite moment to capture at a wedding?

RB: The entire story from start to finish. Being a photojournalist, it’s all about the prep, details, the real moments that occur during the entire day.

CL: Where do you stand: the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

RB: I’m Elvis.

I love it when I learn something new about someone! Elvis is the King!

Thank you for your time, Rodney!

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{Real Wedding} Kacey & Doug, Woodend Mansion

Feb 17 2010
By: Chris Laich Music Services
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Please welcome Kacey and Doug who were married on September 18th at the Woodend Mansion in a very green wedding!

Kacey & Doug's Wedding

CL: My favorite question is always my first! How did the two of you meet?

K&D: We met through a mutual friend in high school; however, we were both moving to opposite ends of the country at that point in time so we didn’t actually begin dating until 2006 (almost 6 years later!).

CL: Share some of your favorite details about your wedding day.

K&D: We really tried to make our wedding as unique (to us) as possible. Our main theme and color was Green so we tried to be as eco-friendly as we could! We created our entire menu around family recipes and had friends prepare all the food with local ingredients from Waverly Farmers Market. I made all the desserts and the wedding cake (which was covered with concert tickets that served as ribbon around each layer of the napoleon “cake”). Kacey’s dress was made from organic silk and her bridesmaids each chose their own little black dress that they could wear again and again. Kacey also gave her bridesmaids each a unique piece of jewelry from a local silver company. We used recycled glass for the centerpieces and worked with Floral Couture (a family friend) to choose all local flowers.We had our Aunt and Uncle play a short acoustic set during the cocktail hour for which Chris provided the speakers. The programs were printed on recycled paper as well as the CD favors. There is actually a lot more unique little details but this would get far too long…

CL: You both were so thoughtful and creative in finding ways to have a sustainable, personalized event. How did you choose your first dance song?

K&D: Over the years, I won Kacey’s heart with long distance mix CDs. Our fist dance song was a special track on one of those CDs.

CL: The mix CD! We are no stranger to those!

Kacey & Doug's Wedding

CL: Did you take dance lessons for your first dance?

K&D:  Yes! We took three lessons at Studio DNA in Pikesville.  It was great fun!!!

CL: So, which of you was the better dance class student?

K&D: I would say we were both equally horrible. To be honest, we nailed it on our wedding day and I have no idea how we did it!

CL: You guys did an excellent job! Did you dance all night? What was one of the best moments you remember on the dance floor?

K&D: Yes, we danced all night! There were so many great moments: Our grandparents danced, someone started a conga line, at one point there was a Thriller dance off, and even some soca music too. However, our favorite moment was when Chris played ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ by Oasis at the end. Everyone was hugging and swaying (cheesy, I know) but it was a great moment!

CL: Those are the best ones…

Kacey & Doug's Wedding

CL: Was your wedding ceremony held at Woodend?

K&D:  Our ceremony was held at Woodend; we chose the site because of its commitment to sustainability and environmental education. It was a great setting for our relaxed outdoor wedding and reception.

CL: Did you write your own vows?

K&D:  We did! They were genuine and from the heart! Our friends have since made shadow boxes for us memorializing several items including our original vow/cheat sheets.

Kacey & Doug's Wedding

CL: Who were some of your favorite vendors?

K&D:  We loved Chris Laich! He did a great job with our outdoor ceremony and then really got the party going when it was time to dance!

CL: Thank you! It was a lot of fun. Who designed Kacey’s gown?

K&D:  Maggie Sottero was the designer; however, Kacey had her dress changed to remove a tie up and replace it with buttons in the back (reminiscent of her mother’s dress).

CL: Where did you honeymoon?

K&D:  We headed off to the Greek Isles for two weeks; we aren’t big fans of cruises so we chose to backpack. The islands were perfect for us because they provided both the relaxation and the history that we desired. It was a great trip and we can’t wait to continue traveling together.

CL: What a wonderful honeymoon. It must have been hard to come back after that!

Thank you both for taking the time to answer our questions and share part of your day with us.  It was a pleasure working with you both!

Kacey & Doug's Wedding

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Meet Alison Okobi of The Hay-Adams Hotel

Feb 10 2010
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The Hay-AdamsThe Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, DC has a rich history and an incredible view of the White House! When it opened its doors in 1928, the Hay-Adams hosted luminaries such as Amelia Earhart, Ethel Barrymore, and Charles Lindbergh.  With a rooftop space overlooking Washington’s most famous landmarks, elegant event spaces, and luxurious guest rooms, the Hay-Adams is a wonderful place to have a wedding.  We are pleased to have Alison Okobi, Director of Catering, share a little more about her hotel!

Image by Steve Canning

image via Steve Canning Photography

CL: It is always so interesting to hear how people began working in the wedding industry! What led you to work in events at the Hay-Adams?

AO: I had actually worked with Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton before joining The Hay-Adams.  I actually fell in love with The Hay-Adams when I was planning my own wedding and then they called me to join their team.  I think it is a great testimonial to our brides that I looked at all the beautiful homes and museums in Washington and selected the what I feel is a truly unique location in The Hay-Adams.

CL: What makes the Hay-Adams such a special place to have a wedding?

AO: Rich history, quiet elegance and breathtaking view.

CL:  What is your favorite space in the hotel to have events?

AO: The view from our Roof Terrace is simply the best in the city.

CL:  I couldn’t agree more…The White House is just across the park! We’ve seen TLC’s “Masters of Reception” and how crazy it can get behind the scenes. How do you keep everything running so smoothly?

AO: We have a very talented culinary team and organized banquet department.  They provide excellent service so we don’t have too many stressful scenes.

Image by Freed Photography

image by Freed Photography

CL: What do you think is a must for all wedding receptions?

AO: A smile on your face.  Enjoy it and don’t let the stress get to you.

CL: Excellent advice! Share with us one technique you use to relax (or relax your clients) on the day of the wedding?

AO: Just re-assure them we are taking of the details, stay calm and drink champagne.

CL: Champagne is the perfect way to stay calm – a nice drink and a reminder that it’s a celebration. What are some of your favorite details or trends you have seen this year?

AO: Keeping things seasonal and local – I love to see cheeses from local farms and the use of Barboursville Virginia wines to set the tone of an affair.  Also, seasonal elements in floral – persimmons and wheat to give texture to fall floral arrangements.

CL: What is your favorite first dance song?

AO: The Way you Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra . . . a true classic!

CL: Where do you stand: the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

AO: I actually love both. The Beatles are amazing but I could listen to The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What you Want” on repeat all afternoon.

CL: A great song by the Stones!

Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography

image by Artful Weddings by Sachs Photography



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